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CPR Training, May 20th 2017
MyoNatural Cream 16 oz
MyoNatural Cream 3 oz
MSM Lotion, Lavender 32 oz
MSM Lotion, Plain Pearl 8 oz
MSM Lotion, Plain Pearl 32 oz
6" Israeli Bandage
Cat 5 Tourniquet
UTV Cold Fire Bracket, Hunter Camo
Cold Fire UTV Bracket, Black
Treatment Guide Spiral Bound

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Treatment Guide Spiral Bound
Part Number: TTG
Price: $7.00
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 4 oz
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The Treatment Guide is designed to give the most accurate, up-to-date first-aid information. Unlike other first aid guides, The Treatment Guide recommends the proper treatment method and specific products. Easy to read format features proprietary illustrations, methods, and color highlights for user actions. The Treatment Guide is spiral bound, making for easier page opening.